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Not your average bear…a Boylan-supplying fountain of love at Pete’s New Haven Pizza, Columbia Heights, DC
A dinner of churros, soft serve with burnt caramel praline and a tart from Rick “the Earnest” Bayless’s stew restaurant Caldo in Chicago.
Staying in hotel in the city where I have an apartment. Look at this soap doughnut found in my room?! Will they sell me the soap holes now?
Macintosh apple (the eating kind!), mah beloved watch watch, CDG wallet, my favorite badge that travels with me (no MFI = no Uncle Milty Institutee.) Priority Mail label stickers. Journal article. My new calendrical system that is no longer digital but paper-based is enabled by a Moleskin 18 month organizer. (Also, I have renamed the months after my childhood pets and the 20th of Pee-Wee is now the “Day of Total Omnipotence,”)My deep and abiding love for Postal Service Priority Mail sticker labels (and the compulsion to own stacks and stacks of them) will have them waiting for me at the Lake Park branch door, shackles in hand, and a Spaniard holding a 99 year lease to privatize, necessitated by a 6 billion dollar operating deficit exaggerated by all sorts of missing labels, in the other. (Well, technically, the labels are free. And I spend $400 in Priority Mail postage costs a month…ok, ok. I’ll just say it plain, don’t kill me when it happens.)
On the other hand, McKinsey Madrid is gonna make the post cards I send to you from Upstate Maximum Security Prison arrive wrapped in “paper” made of Jamón Jabugo de Cinco Jotas.And they’ll have their first new jobs upstate since the Erie was turned exclusively into a very long rubber tubing summertime-fun activity.
I am proud of this one: I rolled out and cut by hand spinach spaghettini! It is dressed simply, in olive oil, garlic and parmesan.On the side, I made a sour red lentil and spinach soup with onions. It’s spiced in a South Asian direction — heavy on the mustard seeds, cumin and tumeric. We had a lot of fresh spinach to get rid of.
Jer’s Armenian meatloaf (pork and beef, cloves and nutmeg, rice and spinach), roasted beets in a mint/herb dressing, odds and ends of cheeses discovered in our refrigerator (Gruyere, Clochet, a Spanish Zamorano). Roasted squash soup w/ marjoram and thyme.
Not pictured is a MacBook. We don’t eat dinner in front of the television, but we do listen to the Savage Love Podcast at the dinner table (and exchange arch commentary between bites of salad.)
Apologies for the not-being-around business. My dissertation is interesting to me these days, and a main project is gaining some of the weight I lost over the last year — the result of my illness du global south.
On my doctor’s orders, I am drinking, in bulk, a not-so-delicious shake called “Ensure”* and supplementing with meals. Cases of Ensure are not only heavy (how do the oldsters get these mineral laden liquid bricks home I wonder?), but a bottle is nearly equivalent in price to two pieces of Popeye’s chicken (or one third a piece of nigiri), either of which I would rather be eating.
Here are photos of the meals I’m taking to supplement my Ensure.
Above: last Friday we made Mexican tortilla soup, made with dried pasilla and guajillo peppers, roasted tomatoes and our own chicken stock.Garnished with roasted ancho chiles, avocado, Salvadorean-style tortillas, and crumbled guajillo peppers.

*a bit ominous, this name, no? Ensure what? That I don’t die?


When the cat’s away, the mouse will eat three cupcakes in lieu of dinner. Chicks.
In Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park, our new hood.
I’ve got to come up with a “tag” soon. Gotta lay claim to some territory.